We design, develop and deliver awesome applications

Code Garden was founded in 2014 in the friendly city of Harrisonburg, Virginia. We provide custom web and mobile application development and implementation services to the government, not-for-profit and commercial organizations. Our goal at Code Garden is to deliver quality products packaged with exceptional support but most of all ensure our clients are completely satisfied.

We build awesome and challenging web apps in Ruby on Rails using Agile methodologies. Our team of talented designers and developers solve complex problems for people. We sketch. We prototype. We build and ship working software. We manage the software.


How we build awesome apps

  • Research

    Code Garden knows the best way to solve a problem with technology. With over 15 years of industry experience we know where, when and how to find the right information and solutions for a problem. Combined with your knowledge in your field we can build amazing products.
  • Design

    With our talented designers and developers we will design a product to your satisfaction. We know how to design beautiful interfaces. You know how the software should operate. With that combination we will make the user experience in the software enjoyable and productive.
  • Build

    Code Garden believes in test-driven development. What that means is doing the tests first and writing the code after. With this process we build rock-solid software that is clean and easy to manipulate when modifications are required in the future. Our developers have lots of experience building solid applications that do exactly what you envisioned.
  • Launch

    Once you're satisfied with the product, we will launch it for you. You don't need to worry about managing a server because we do that for you. We believe in releasing changes often. That means that the bugs will be fixed and features will be implemented quickly.


The awesome services that we offer

Rails Application Development

Ruby on Rails is an open-source software and one of the fastest web frameworks around. We use Rails for most of our software development.

Mobile Development

We make sure that every application that we build is responsive, meaning it will work well on most devices including mobile phones and tablets.

UI/UX & Logo Design

We focus extensively on visual design (including interfaces, graphics and logos) so your users have an enjoyable experience when using your product.

Technical Architecture

Our team of software developers and designers know which technology to use, which direction to take and what kind of code to write to ensure that your software has a rock-solid foundation.


We can turn your idea into a minimum viable product with our quick prototyping tools which include Ruby on Rails - the fastest way to get a web applications online.


Our designers are very creative and original. They will create a brand identity that will be unique, memorable and beautiful. Your customers will love your branding.


Our latest awesome apps


What our awesome clients are saying

Solomon Engel

Solomon Engel, CEO Boxes

Code Garden has fantastic engineers that plan very well for each project and have always delivered at the highest quality. Their time and attention to writing very clean, well tested, and documented code far exceeds the standard.

Daniel Kvitko

Daniel Kvitko, Founder KvitkoIT

Artem at Code Garden has been one of the most dependable individuals that I've come across in my life. I have no problem dedicating project components and see them completed without extra supervision.

Ammar Yousuf

Ammar Yousuf, Founder OpSight

I worked with Code Garden for many months on a fast paced project that was quite demanding. They were always willing to help at any moment. I would love to work with them in the future.


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